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Sustainable Swaps

I am sharing with you some sustainable changes I have made in the last few years. Even the smallest change can create a big impact on your day-to-day life to make it easier and more eco-friendly. I know this topic is so widely discussed, and I am definitely no expert, but as long as I feel I’m making a conscious effort in reducing my waste, and if I can even help someone, then that’s great. I hope to inspire you with this helpful edit of just some of the changes I have made to reusable everyday items.

1. Water Bottle


This is number one, I don’t go anywhere without my Chilly. They are pretty simple and do exactly what they say, keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Their mission is to ‘accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products’. I know as individuals we have an incredibly low impact on the environment, but I do feel if everyone was to do their part, we can make some difference. My favourite thing about Chilly’s is the volume of colors and designs they have to offer, so I am sure you will find something you like. They have launched a few collaborations with other brands such as Emma Bridgewater, City to Sea, and the artist collection, a limited edition design every month. I have gifted these to so many people, and they always go down well. Even your business can add their logo for some co-branding.

2. Reusable Straw


I know these are not for everyone and some people don’t like the mental or paper taste but if you can come around then they are great at reducing your environmental impact. You can pick these up almost anywhere now, Amazon, Paperchase & Ikea. I believe I purchased my metal ones from Homesense, very basic with a cleaning brush, I also put mine in the dishwasher. I think if I was going to purchase mine again I would go for the Chilly’s, I love the brand and support their mission for a better and cleaner world. If stainless steel isn’t for you, then maybe try the Hip Cleanstaw, made from platinum silicone and BPA-free. Over the last couple of years, I have found bars and restaurants have stopped serving drinks with straws. However, if you are like me and hate the feeling of ice on your teeth then you, can I always carry a straw in your handbag.

3. Food Thermos


Food thermos or pot is great if you are on the go and want hot food. It’s the beginning of the year, so we are all trying to be good at spending less money. I know living in London, lunch can be expensive, it’s everywhere and it’s so easy to opt for a quick lunch out.

I have the Thermos Stainless King Steel Food Jar 16oz, it's the perfect size for commuting and even comes with a spoon that fits in the lid. You can buy these products pretty much anywhere, I would choose a Chilly one to match my water bottle (of course).

I still like supporting local places for lunch but now it is a monthly treat and it feels more special.

4. Beeswax Wrap


I don’t think beeswax wrap can be a direct replacement for everything. I found beeswax wrap to be very useful when, covering bowls or wrapping a sandwich to take on the go, or even wrap items like cheese to place in the fridge. This does mean you can heavily reduce the use of cling film which I have always hated using…can never get a straight line. I would say if I needed something to be more airtight then I would put this into a container or zip bag. These beeswax wraps can be wiped down with a damp cloth and reused. I have seen you can now purchase a wax block to rub this back onto the sheet after extensive use…next level I know. But I do use mine every day and would recommend buying a packet with different sizes. These can also work as quite nice gifts for people as I don’t think you can have too many.

5. Food Bags


I have only recently got into using food bags. Surprisingly you can save a lot more space in your fridge than you think. I have always used food boxes but found these bags to be much better for organising my fridge. They are made from silicone and very easy to clean and reuse. You can buy these from almost anywhere, supermarket, amazon or department store.

Suggested tip = these fit in handbags really well, or even (coat pockets). If you are taking a sandwich on the go, or some snacks.

6. Face Pad

These have been an absolute game-changer for me. I used to use cotton pads and micelle water to remove my eye make-up. Now depending on how much make-up I have on, I use my face pads with just water. If you are using these at least twice a day then you should see this as an investment. I use one pad about 3 times and then place it in the washing machine for cleaning. I put mine into laundry bags just so they don't get stuck. You’ve probably seen Face Halo, they are the leading brand for this product but I have linked a small business as well.

Face Halo - White

7. Cotton Bud


I haven’t tried this product before, but it is next on my list. The brand is called Last Object, they specialise in zero waste and reusable products all designed to be eco-friendly alternatives. The Last Swab is to replace a cotton bud and is are made of silicone and easy to clean. You can pick between smooth or rough edge buds. Last Object also has other products such as Last Tissue, Last Mask & Last Round, again all sustainable.

I hope you find these everyday object useful and inspiring to making more sustainable life choices.

Eve x


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