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My Travel Essentials

I am very lucky to be able to have travelled for both work and pleasure for a good few years. I am not someone who can travel light so I'm always looking for ways to perfect my packing - I like to have options. So, these are currently some of my travel essentials - from a quick city break to somewhere far away.

1. Packing Cubes

These are without doubt number 1 on the list, once you start to use packing cubes it's difficult to go back. I love organising my case, if that is from socks, swimwear, sportwear, what ever you want, it makes unpacking easy when you get to your final destination.

2. Travel Wallet

This is a great gift, I wouldn't think to buy one of these for myself and but I have come to find it very useful. It has sections for all, passport, tickets, currency, credit cards, but it's not just for flying, I use mine throughout my travels.

3. Refillable Perfume Spray

Again, this is another great gift or stocking filler, very useful for when traveling light. Instead of taking a full bottle, fill this bottle with your favourite perfume, they last about 4-5 days, of course depending on how much you use in one day.

4. Toiletry Bag

I feel so lucky that I experienced, what is no longer, the store of Henri Bendel, a very iconic brand from New York. All my toiletry bags are from here, I have to keep very good care as they are no longer sold. If I had to purchase new toiletry bags I would go for something like this.

5. Silicone Cosmetic Bottles

I thought these were a bit of waste of space but over the years I have found very useful. When it comes to using hotel products, shower gel is about the only product I will use. I am very particular about my shampoo and conditioner so if I am travelling a week or less, I would these bottles – any chance to get to fit more in. Of course, when travelling for a longer period I take full size products.

6. Portable charger

These are always useful when you are on the go, whether that is travelling overseas, quick weekend getaway or going to work. I find the chargers with built in cables don’t last as long, the cable always stops working after a while so I wouldn’t bother. These are a few I have found to be good and lasted me a while. Small or large depending on where I am going.

7. Jewellery Box

Depending on how much space I have, I tend to take a small jewellery box as I would hate to damage or worse lose an earing or necklace. These can make nice gifts as it’s not something you think to buy yourself. Both of mine where gifts, and I love them for different reasons.

8. Universal Adapter

Goes without saying, these are great and always come in use, I would get the ones with USB ports so I can charge everything in one.

9. De-stress Oil Ball

I am not the best flier so for long haul lights I bring this oil and put on my wrists and neck, just to help me calm and focus, really helps as a distraction. It’s also good if you are trying to sleep or relax, helps take the edge off for me.

10. Cosy Eye Mask & Throw Set

Again, this was another gift and I use more often than I thought. It packs small in a little pouch, so can fit in any carry-on luggage. I thought of using airline throws and eye masks doesn’t sit well with me so I would rather bring my own. Also, in this bag I put a care of cashmere bed socks, absolute essential when traveling long haul.



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