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'To create an unreality and play with it' is one of the concepts by Tim Walker from his book Storyteller that has inspired my passion for photography. 

I had enjoyed focusing on editorial photography as I can make the images appear surreal and manipulate them to create another reality. Walker said 'don’t let technicality prevent you from expressing yourself' and throughout my coursework, I used this for inspiration by keeping the idea of simplicity but having the self-discipline to seek the best possible result. 

I got accepted into Bournemouth Arts University to study photography. During my first year, I slowly started to lose my passion for this and something wasn’t right. I completed my first year and after this, I decided it wasn’t for me. I made the decision to move back home and use this time to figure out my next move.  

I started working as a waitress and then as a sales assistant for Kate spade. This was a great way to keep me busy, earning a bit of money and I loved the bags and accessories. An opportunity then presented itself, the chance to go work in an English bar in the French apps during the winter season. On 2nd January 2017, I traveled to France and without knowing started an entirely new chapter of my life. 

The 4 months that changed my life, I met my partner Matt in France and we are now living and working in London. I'm currently working for an events agency as a project coordinator, and this is my side hassle. I love being creative and experiencing new adventures and, this is my platform to do just that. 

On this blog, I hope to inspire you and everyone to pursue your dreams. Photography will always be a part of my life no matter how big or small. 


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