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Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar 2020

Once you have experienced the luxury of a beauty advent calendar it's difficult to go back. On the 28th November 2019 I received a wonderful gift from my mum, this was the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar. I've never had something so luxurious before Christmas; I remember the excitement on the 1st December opening the first drawer.

This year I have the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar and I am going to be taking you through each product. I was very excited to receive this, beautifully wrapped in a Selfridges tote bag; the Calendar itself is pink with silver detail outlining the iconic store on Oxford Street. This then opens from the middle with a yellow hook. I do have to say I felt the Liberty Calendar felt more Christmassy, but this is because it had a lot more colour and festive imagery.

This hand cream smells amazing, almost like coco butter. And of course everyone can do with a bit more hand cream this year, great size as can fit in my handbag.

2. Ex Morphe Dimension effect highlight stick 9g

I have never used Morphe before but I am certainly enjoying this highlight stick. Great to add a bit of shimmer to the festive period.

Wow, I would never have picked up this product but I’m in love. This smells takes me back to St Tropez, feels very expensive and like the summer sun. Maybe not for winter as it is very floral and crisp but I can’t wait to take this with me to the South of France next year.

Never been one into serums, I have a very basic skin routine and I try not to complicate things. Due to the fact I suffer from acne, my skin can react quite drastically to products. I have heard The Ordinary is all organic and gentle on the skin. After using this almost every day for 8 weeks I haven’t seen any significant change, but it feels nice and hydrating…so must be doing something?

This smells amazing and feels so nice on my skin, I recommend using moisturiser after a shower and then using the body oil. Feels very luxurious and nourishing on the skin, almost bringing it back to life.

I have wanted to try these for ages but just hadn’t got round to purchasing one, very supportive of Selfridges promoting multi-use and sustainable products. The day before I opened these I did receive an early Christmas present from friend with these. Therefore I might give these away as a gift myself.

Amazing two in one eyeliner, one end is a pencil style and the other liquid. The pencil end is great as you just twist the head round and more pushes up. I have to say I am not the best with liquid liner, I got a lot of practice to do, but this one is very smooth and silky on the skin. Both in shade black so quite harsh on the eye, I think I would have liked to of seen a brown shade for more day to day wear. As we are staying at home more and out for daily walks, I think full eye liner might be a bit much.

8. Pixie skintreats Glow Tonic exfoliating toner 40ml

I haven’t been someone who uses toner in their daily skin routine, I have heard they are meant to even out skin tones and any pigmentation occurring on the skin. I am someone who currently suffers from acne and scaring but from using this product I haven’t seen any noteworthy change in my skin. With only 40ml this has lasted me about 7 weeks and probably not enough time to see some significant change either. I guess it just feels nice to put on after cleansing but wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase again.

I have only used these drops a few times and in fact I use them when I am heading out but don’t want to wear full make up. I feel they bring a health glow to my skin and I then I don’t feel I need to wear anything else. Great to use at the moment for daily walks as it just lifts the skin a little so you don’t feel completely naked.

In fact, my partner bought me the Dyson Airwrap for Christmas…(very excited and I absolutely love it) so I have been using this when I curl my hair to add a bit of texture and volume. Yes, really great product and helps keeps my curls in for longer as I have a lot of hair, so it’s very heavy.

I don’t think you can go wrong with a candle, if you don’t like the smell you can always re-gift and they always look nice on a book shelve or side table. On this occasion I will be keeping this one, the scent of maduro leaf is sort of smoky and perfect for winter. I also loved the design, all black both the wax and glass so it looks amazing in any room.

I never used to use blush, I have natural red cheeks and I used to hate it. I think this was also due to my scaring and acne, my face was always a bit red without make up so I thought why I want to be redder. I think understanding the balance of foundation, bronzer, highlighter and blush is the key to great face make up. I have found with shade orgasm to be a bit more subtle and understated than others I have tried; more of a pink blush than rouge.

Another texture hair mist, I think I would have liked to see a hair spray or a heat protector perhaps? This would have created a bit more variety in the calendar and I did only receive the OUAI spray 3 days ago so made me feel I already had something like this.

I have only used this product a couple times so I don’t think I have experienced the full benefits.

I haven’t worn much make up since Christmas as I am giving my skin a detox, but maybe I could use this anyway. Infused with Green Tea, Chamomile and Cucumber Extract the spray is meant to keep make up set, whilst hydrating and reduce any irritation for flawless completion. I really like the idea of this so I’m keen to continue using.

I love mini perfumes, these are great to pop in your handbag for on the go. However, I did give this one to my mum as the scent wasn’t quite for me and I thought she would enjoy it more.

I have always loved Laura Mercier make-up, it was one of the first luxury brands I used. I remember purchasing my first contour set in Bloomingdales, New York. I sometimes find foundation can look a little cakey; this setting powder adds another layer and gives a more natural look.

Not sure if believe in these eye masks, I tried this out and it felt nice on but I don’t feel it did much. Either way I am always up for trying new products.

These look very pretty and good essential but I think they are little tight and they pull my hair, I think prefer Invisibobble, can’t have enough of these. I wrote that first sentence a while back and it’s funny because I actually wear them all the time now, sometimes you just need it give it a chance.

I have wanted to try this brand for a while, not just because we have the same name..ok maybe. But I had heard some great things. This cleaner is oil based but appears like a balm, when you apply to your skin it turns into an oil like consistency. Massage this into your face and then using a hot face cloth wipe away.

Another fragrance, always handy. Sweet, subtle and seductive, this scent is made to turn heads. I will be interested to try this when I go out but like everyone we haven’t been able to do much of that.

I usually use Too Faced, Better than Sex mascara but I am always happy to try something different.

I have heard a lot about this magic cream, and I have to say I do love it, it feels very light on the skin and hydrating. Although for £50 I’m not sure I can justify this for face cream. At the moment I am using the Kate Somerville oil free moisturiser and this is definitely my first choice.

Again, heard a lot about By Terry but not used any of their products. I have seen that you can use this balm on both your lips and cuticles which is a great multi-function.

The lip balm is very soothing, hydrating and is enriched with vitamin E and nourishing shea butter. I apply mine before bed so I wake up with luscious lips.

Again, this is another tool I have wanted to try, I don’t think this is something I would purchase myself but I nice idea. I think I need to use this over a long term period of time to actually see any benefit.

Pat McGrath was voted most influential make-up artist in the world by Vogue magazine so I am keen to try out her products. A very deep matt red lip for Christmas Day, very appropriate, but I didn’t actually open this until Boxing Day. When I did try this on, and I am not normally someone who goes for the red but, I loved red matt look and feel, I would defiantly wear this on date night or girls night out.

Now obviously, for an advent calendar, this is very luxurious and I’m extremely thankful to receive this from my mum so close to Christmas. Overall, I thought there was more skincare than make up, I'm just a sucker for make-up and love trying new products, so would have preferred a bit more as I felt I got duplicates of some products. I do understand that every calendar is the same and as you don’t know who is purchasing it, they have to be mindful of different skin colours and conditions.



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